Tips for proofreading of press releases

A press release should be free of errors. Only error-free press releases look professional. In addition, error- free texts enhance the credibility and have a positive effect on a company’s image from. In press releases for the Internet, the accuracy is also important to ensure proper representation in the search engines is possible and the search engines can interpret and assign the online press releases correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to check before publishing press releases still once critical and objective errors and to revise them if necessary. The following tips will help in professional proofreading :

1. Let the press release

The correction of a completed press release should not be done on the same day if possible. The best thing to rest the message one night. It is possible to view the text the next day with a certain distance. In this way may be subject to errors that you have read about before. The longer the work on a text, the more difficult it is to find even error. Use a pause between the writing and the correction increases the likelihood of finding errors and not to read.

2. Use aids

For a complete review of a press release on punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes, help books, like the current or Duden dictionary of Wahrig. In addition, it is useful to use a spelling and grammar checker as the document. Most word processing programs have a spelling and grammar checker, which is useful when writing press releases. However, one should not rely on these electronic examination alone, since such a program does not always find all the errors. The automatic testing however, helps to correct typos when writing the press release directly.

Scientific papers: dissertation help tips

For dissertations, theses also called, is written scientific papers. Dissertation Tips facilitate doctoral students a first orientation.

The dissertation is an essential part of the examination procedures. The doctoral program consists of the dissertation, and if this has been positively assessed following an oral examination either as a public lecture followed by a speech of defense (defense) or a rigorous oral examination which also includes neighboring fields with (viva voce) may be held. Finally, the publication of the dissertation must be proven. If all these requirements are passed successfully done the awarding of the doctorate by the Faculty. The doctoral project can, however, vary from university to university.

Scientific work must be written clearly and structured – Dissertation Tips help the doctoral student at the logical structure of his work

The dissertation is the first scientific paper at the beginning of an academic career and to prepare the young graduates to further scientific work. Often are the graduate students, at the beginning of their dissertation, in numerous open questions regarding their academic work. Because with a thesis as opposed to a master’s, bachelor’s or master thesis, which reflect the current state of research, independent scientific work to be detected. The dissertation is supervised by a lecturer, professor or mentor. In this dissertation supervisor, the first advice should be obtained. More meaningful dissertation tips you can also from books or the Internet, obtained by experience reports from former students.

First of all must be the doctoral clear for whom he wrote the thesis, namely, the evaluators if the dissertation is not designed to meet their expectations, they missed their audience. This tip comes from an experienced professor. Other important tips dissertation there are currently planning. For dissertations, it is observed certain periods a good schedule, with built-in buffer zones for corrections helps not to come at the end into a tailspin.

Important tips related to scientific work, it is also for the development of the framework and the discovery of the scientific message to be taught, because that needs to be instantly recognizable and logically correct in every dissertation. PhD students find both online – as well as on the University – help and good practical advice dissertation.

German as a foreign language : Marina Adams advises international students when writing essay

The scientific writing so has its own pitfalls. If written texts in a foreign language, intercultural irritations happen. A native of Siberia write researcher Dr. Marina Adams offers at the University of Kassel at a special service. She advises international students in their academic text production. Together with his wife Anh To it is also in the Long write eight of 19-20. July in the University Library for the writing advice available ( BB1 work space, room number 0118 on the ground floor.

For the UB- blog Marina Adams has recorded their personal writing experience and an example of culture -related writing problems:

My writing experience

“Your lyrics read like texts of a native speaker who has not yet attended writing classes” – this comment of a colleague who has proofread my first major academic work, a master’s thesis, was the perceived high point of my studies at the Technical University of Dresden. A greater relief and a more radiant face could then bring no good passed final examination or award me. Because the feeling of having arrived in the German scientific language, to others who read my texts convince, was overwhelming! In addition, since my way to that feeling, overlook the magnificence and wide range of scientific expression, at least, and perhaps to be able to control, before was not necessarily short.

To build It took me a lot of effort to internalize the rules and standards of conduct of scientific representation, as a kind of” building” of words and phrases for myself in which protected my thoughts and were visible to all. All the more surprising to me was that the next step was for my essay, but newly set the arduously constructed”home” of the scientific style.